Chemical Servicing

Chemical Servicing

Ever returned home on a hot and humid day only to realize that your air-conditioner is malfunctioning? Prevent such undesirable situations by having your air-conditioners regularly inspected, cleaned, and restored to its optimum efficiency by our skilled technicians.

Without regular servicing and maintenance, air-conditioning systems start to break down. Clogged blowers and evaporated coils cause excessive heat generation and water leakage, which can bring about great inconvenience.

Entrust your cooling companion to the hands of our experienced technicians, who will carefully dismantle the entire unit to provide it with a thorough chemical wash. This can effectively remove stubborn stains and dirt trapped in your system over the years so you can enjoy continuous streams of cool fresh air at all times!

We recommend doing a chemical overhaul once a year, so that any underlying problems can be detected and fixed before it causes further damage to your machine. Please refer to the prices below for residential servicing:

Chemical Wash & Overhaul Servicing Package: $120 & above

  • Full Dismantling of Aircon unit
  • Chemical wash of Aircon Cover
  • Chemical wash of Air Filter
  • Chemical wash of Evaporator Fin
  • Chemical wash of Drainage Tray
  • Vacuuming of Drainage Pipe
  • Chemical wash of Blower Wheel
  • Final washing of all parts with high pressure jet spray to remove any dirt or chemicals
  • Lubricating of aircon unit’s moving parts
  • Assembling and installing unit back to original position
  • Free Gas top up
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No. Of Wall Mounted FCU
Capacity/BTU (9000-24000)
Price Per FCU (Nett)
1 $120
2 $220
3 & Above $300 & Above