Contract & Maintenance Service

Contract & Maintenance Service

Ever returned home on a hot and humid day only to realize that your air-conditioner is malfunctioning? Prevent such undesirable situations by having your air-conditioners regularly inspected, cleaned, and restored to its optimum efficiency by our skilled technicians.

Sign up for a yearly maintenance contract with us for greater cost savings! You can choose to have your aircon serviced 3 or 4 times a year, or regularly at any interval of your preference. Contact us for an obligation-free quote today!

Yearly Contract Air Conditioner Servicing Maintenance:

  • Free Cleaning & Checking of air filter & cover
  • Free top up of gas
  • Flushing of drainage system
  • Cleaning of fan blower
  • Checking & Cleaning of indoor cooling coil
  • Cleaning of water tray
  • Checking of bio-pure, deodorizing filter
  • Checking of compressor suction and discharge pressure
  • Checking & Lubricating motor bearing (If necessary)

***Chemical cleaning is not included

Booking Now
Aircon Unit Tri-Yearly X 3 (Every 4 months/year) Quaterly X 4 (Every 3 months/year)
1 Fancoil Unit (c/w Condenser) $120 $152
2 Fancoil Unit (c/w Condenser) $150 $192
3 Fancoil Unit (c/w Condenser) $190 $250
4 Fancoil Unit (c/w Condenser) $242 $295
5 Fancoil Unit (c/w Condenser) $290 $350
6 Fancoil Unit (c/w Condenser) $320 $400

**30 days warranty 
**For fan coil units of 7 & above, a separate quotation shall be issued upon request