General Servicing

General Servicing

Singapore’s tropical climate means our air-conditioners are frequently made to work all day and night without rest. Treat your hardworking cooling units to a thorough wash by our meticulous technicians who will spare no dirt and grime, and be rejuvenated after the servicing session by refreshingly cool blasts of clean air.

At $30++ per unit, our One-Time GENERAL SERVICING session includes:

  • Cleaning of aircon cover
  • Cleaning of fan blower
  • Cleaning of water tray
  • Vacuuming of drainage pipe
  • Conducting final test run of system
  • Topping Up of Gas : Additional $50– $80
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Air Conditioner Units One-Time Service Price
1 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $30.00++
2 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $60.00++
3 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $90.00++
4 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $120.00++
5 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $150.00++
6 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $180.00++

Air Conditioner Checking & Troubleshooting Service

  • Rates from $40 to $80

Air-conditioners break down due to a multitude of reasons such as faulty wiring, poor lubrication of moving parts and refrigerant leakage. Allow our experienced technicians to perform a complete inspection of your cooling system to identify the underlying issues behind the breakdown and advise you on the most economical repair solution.

Contact us today for a FREE assessment of your cooling unit. A nominal fee of $30 is chargeable for transportation cost, but should you agree to proceed with repair work, this fee will be waived.

Scope of Work:

  • Troubleshooting of faults in air conditioning system
  • Prepare service report on fault(s) found and recommended repair action(s)
  • Prepare appropriate quotation on repair parts required
  • Explain and educate customer on finding and recommendation

WARRANTY 30 days for part(s) replaced